Certified Organic Colouring Foods

Organic Colouring Foods

The presence of bio or organic products in the retail landscape in Europe has consistently been increasing over the past two decades. Since July 2010 the organic production logo of the European Union has been introduced and next to other regional bio logos can be found on a multitude of products across the region.

Given the expansion of organic food and drink offerings in the markets, Sensient is pleased to present and include a new range of organic coloring foods in their broad portfolio of color solutions. The concentrates are based on carefully selected edible plant sources from organic production. Originating from traditional foods, such as carrot or beet, they provide a variety of orange and red shades with fmt excellent stability and coloring efficiency for a wide range of applications including dairy products, confectionery, non-alcoholic drinks, or sauces and seasonings.

The company is committed to consistent color innovation, and are looking forward to talk to you about your individual needs for just the right color solution that is bio-certified.

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