Carbon – Well-Measured and Actively Used for the Environment and for Consumption

Carbon Consumption

Activated carbon is used in industrial and commercial cleaning processes due to its characteristic properties. It is used to remove and filter out unwanted substances from liquid and gaseous mix- tures.

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Innovative Technologies for Tailor-Made Product Properties

RAPS: The air flow facility

From sweet and sour jelly beans to soft white bread or functional food products, microencapsulation can be used to optimize both the properties of raw materials and the end product. Using this technology improves the durability and handling of raw materials and means that both solid or liquid active ingredients can be customised to improve their technological properties.

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Sustaining Success At Coca-Cola

Coca Cola

Since optimising product quality and operational sustainability are driving forces at the Coca-Cola HBC Plant in Hungary, Mouvex® SLS Series Eccentric Disc Pumps proved to be the perfect solution

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A Solution Worth Shouting About

Volumetrically Consistent Pumping Technology and Mouvex® SLS Series eccentric disc pumps

The production of ice cream is actually a relatively straightforward process: an ingredient mix is pumped through a pipeline to a double-wall tube or tunnel freezer that is chilled by liquid ammonia to -30ºC (-22ºF). Inside the freezer, a slow-turning agitator or scraper forces the mix outward, where it briefly touches the frozen outer wall before it is turned back inward. This is when the ice crystals, which eventually become ice cream, are formed.

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Seamless Interplay: A Flexible Solution for Automation with Fewer Interfaces

AZO plant for the feeding of three liquids mixers

The AZO Group was commissioned by a global company to implement automation solutions at two production facilities in China for the production of yoghurt and desserts.

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Tea Time in No Time with the Cool Performance New Micron Glacis GC Mill

grinding and low heat generation

Hosokawa Micron Ltd announce the development of the high performance cooling type, mechanical mill, the Micron Glacis GC fine grinding mill. Suitable for fine grinding of heat sensitive products, the Micron Glacis GC is ideal for the high volume grinding of green tea which is popular both as a beverage and for use in confectioneries too.

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Improved Product Quality and Fast Payback through Better Control of Powder Parameters

GEA within spray drying plant control

The latest developments in smart sensors from GEA within spray drying plant control have the ability to improve the quality of dairy powders, improve plant safety, and provide a fast payback through increased yield.

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Five Steps to Optimum Product Inspection for Fruit and Vegetable Producers

Optimum Product Inspection

The need to equip fruit and vegetable processing lines with top-quality product inspection equipment is more pressing than ever before. Tightened regulatory standards and heightened consumer awareness require that fruit and vegetable producers take all measures necessary to protect both customers and their brand reputation.

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Snack Manufacturer’s Lead Time Transformed with Innovative Seasoning Solutions

Snack Manufacture Solutions

Canadian-based Brandneu Foods significantly reduced lead times for its popular range of kale chips by 75 percent after installing the high performance tna intelli-flav® OMS 5 at its plant in Toronto.

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Post-Baking Dryers … Now Going Small

Baking Dryers

For the last 25 years, RFC has been designing their Macrowave™ Post-Baking Dryers to boost productivity and eliminate checking for the core products of large wholesale producers of biscuits and crackers. For lines producing 6,000 to 7,500 pounds per hour, the size and complexity of the dryer requirements pushed the capital and installation costs, to a point where the business case simply didn’t make sense for bakery lines producing smaller quantities of products.

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