Umami – The Delicious Fifth Taste


Flavour is defined as sensory impression of food or other substance and is determined by the chemical senses of taste and odour. The trigeminal sense identifies the substance that cause irritation in the mouth and throat as well as temperature and texture of food, are also important to sense flavour perception. Flavourants are defined as substance that imparts food flavour by altering the characteristics of the solute that makes it to become sweet, sour and tangy etc.

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Efficient Flaking Processes for Retrofitting

Buhler Retrofit Pack

At DE-VAU-GE Gesundkostwerk Deutschland GmbH, the AutoGap retrofit pack enables fully
automatic control of the roll gap in the Bühler BCFA flaking roller mill and thus the production of high-grade breakfast cereals of consistent quality at reduced maintenance costs.

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The Factory of the Future Driven

Gebo Cermex

As the packaging industry continues to evolve and accelerate, there is currently a strong need for firms to commit in creating value for clients. With this in mind, Gebo Cermex is aiming to provide 360° solutions which boost productivity while driving down Operational Expenditure (OPEX) and total cost of ownership.

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Dietary Cheese: A Food for Ideal Healthcare

Cheese - Dairy Product

Cheese is produced throughout the world; it is an ancient food ingredient with origins that predate recorded history. It is a dairy product made from pressed milk curds and produced in a variety of shapes, textures and flavours. Since ages, cheese has been an important part of the human diet, both as a dietary staple and gourmet food.

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Soy Alternatives with Consumer Appeal

soy dairy

Soy is an established meat substitute ingredient that is rich in protein and has a valuable nutritional profile. However, despite having been a staple food in Asia for centuries, it is regarded somewhat more suspiciously in Europe. Not only is soy’s “beany” taste profile rather unappealing to the average European palate, but soy is also often tainted by GMO issues – a nogo for most consumers.

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Robots or Human Beings

processing robots

“We are going to be the Amazon of food,” said Zume’s co-founder and executive chairman, Alex Garden. Garden, 41, is the former president of Zynga Studios. Before that, he was a general manager of Microsoft’s Xbox Live. Garden launched Zume in stealth mode last June, when he began quietly recruiting engineers under a pseudonym and building his patented trucks in an unmarked Mountain View garage.

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New and Improved Ice Cream Filler Cuts Operational Costs

Ice-cream fillers designed specifically for small to medium producers looking to lower operating costs with minimal investment has been launched. The Tetra Pak® Ice Cream Filler A3 produces up to 18,000 ice cream cones per hour and features three enhanced components: •    A cone dispenser with high reliability and capable

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New Popcorn Test Optimises Texture and Accelerates NPD

Achieving the perfect popcorn texture is now much quicker and more consistent thanks to the launch of an inventive new testing device by Stable Micro Systems. The texture analysis experts have introduced the new rig to help popcorn manufacturers respond to booming global demand by rapidly developing diverse and interesting

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Processing: Flexible, Contamination-Free Handling of Spice Blends

The company AVO-Werke August Beisse GmbH invested more than 18 million Euros in order to expand its technology lead at its headquarters in Belm district of Osnabrück. As one of the leading spice blend producers with approximately 600 employees, the company is now well equipped for further expansion. The installed

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Processing: Frozen Foods Hitting the Bull’s Eye

By Dr Ashutosh Upadhyay, Gaurav Jain, Gautam Kohli Freezing has long been used as a method of preservation, and history reveals it was mostly shaped by the technological developments in the process. It was the year 1755 when ice was produced. Freezing was introduced into large-scale operations as a method

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