Food Safety for Processors, Ingredient Suppliers, Co-Packers and Distributors

Food Safety for Processors

Agri-Neo also announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) has approved Neo-Pure as an antimicrobial solution for food safety on seeds, grains, and nuts.

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Coding: (Labelling Codes for the Packaging of Beverage Cans, Bottles)

Drinking Water

Packaging requirements for Drinking Water (Both Packaged and Mineral Water) state that cans should be packed in clean, hygienic, colourless, transparent and tamperproof bottles/containers made of polyethylene (PE), conforming to the IS.

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Cheese Processing

Cheese Processing

Cheese, in simple words, can be defined as a food product produced from milk of various animals; such as cows, buffaloes and sheep’s by the coagulation of milk protein casein. Cheese is the generic name for a group of fermented milk-based food products, produced in a great range of flavours and forms throughout the world.

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Soy milk contains a high percentage of phytoestrogens, which may decrease fertility in men if they consume more than 3 quarts per day. Too much consumption of estrogen can cause hormone imbalance in women

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Automation ((Improved Product Quality and Productivity)

automation in food industry

With government programmes like ‘Start up India’, India has not only opened doors for young entrepreneurs, but has also opened its doors for automation. Machine designing with safety has been taken care of greatly. This is the reason why foods like dosa have been automated by bringing in “dosamactic” machine.

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New: X-ray Inspection System for Nuts, Fruits and Vegetables

X-ray Inspection System

Minebea Intec continues to expand its foreign body detection product range with the introduction of the new X-ray inspection system Dymond Bulk. The supplier of industrial weighing and inspection technologies developed this innovative system specifically with bulk goods in mind.

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Focus on What is Important Relay Modules for Evaluation of Safety-oriented Signals

Relay Modules for Evaluation

A new range of safety relay modules from Schmersal is simple to adapt to individual requirements. A single module covers a range of applications. Other features include short address times and pre-configured applications – functions which are required in, for example, packaging machine construction.

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Save Time and Lost Revenue with this Easy Valve Matrix Solution

Valve Matrix Solution

Processes in hygienic industries – such as beverage, food, dairy, pharma and personal care – are becoming increasingly complex. Some of the challenges include higher volumes, increased efficiency, reduction in water and energy use.

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Embleme’s New Integrated Cranberry Cleaning Line Bears Fruit

Cranberry Cleaning Line

Emblème Canneberge was started in 2016 by several Canadian growers to add value by offering frozen cranberries of exceptional quality. To equip their world-class production facility, they turned to Key Technology for a cranberry cleaning line.

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Ribbon Blender keeps Essential Oils of Spices Intact

custom spice

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA—Paul Murphy, a Culinary Institute of America graduate who has worked with notable chefs across the U.S., turned his attention to custom spice blends and opened Al Dentes’ Provisions.

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