Dietary Fibre Components and their Degradation Products as Nutraceuticals

water soluble

All across the globe the research is mainly targeted towards the prebiotic activity to increase the beneficial bacteria in the large intestine of DF and their degradation products such as oligosaccharides. A prebiotic is defined as a non-digestible food ingredient that beneficially affects the host by stimulating the growth/activity of one or limited bacteria in the colon, and thus improves the host health.

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Prevention of Recontamination in Powdered Milk Production for Baby Food: Process Diaphragm Pump Ensures High Hygiene Standards


Manufacturers of milk-based food for babies and small children have to uphold the highest purity standards in their products, as well as consistent quality and optimal process safety in the plant. There is significant risk of hygienically unsuitable system components recontaminating the end product.

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Global Brewing Trends


Vietnam has always had Liberace and Robusta varieties of coffees, which are very full-bodied and have a very strong aftertaste. They started brewing their coffee on top of condensed milk with egg white in it to give thickness which used to make the beverage creamy and take the edge of the strong bitter bold taste.

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Importance of Food Safety in Food Industry

Food Safety

Food safety is about producing, handling, storing and preparing food in such a way as to prevent infection and contamination in the food production chain. Food safety helps to ensure that food quality and wholesomeness are maintained to promote good health.

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Fastest-Ever Snacks Bagmaker Offers User and Sustainability Benefits


Ishida has launched a snacks bagmaker which the company says is the world’s fastest VFFS bagmaker while delivering the highest levels of productivity performance, system efficiency and pack quality, along with reduced environmental impact and improved operator working conditions.

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Reliable Drive Units for Bouillon and Soup Mixer Ensure Gentle Mixing Processes

Process technology

The Paderborn company Gebrüder Lödige Maschinenbau GmbH specializes in the production and development of application-specific process technology, and is a recognized expert for basic process engineering operations such as the mixing, drying and granulation of bulk materials.

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Probiotic and Functional Food: A New Emerging trend in the field of Food Science

Functional Food

Functional foods are foods with health benefits that are in addition to those attributable to the nutritional value of the food. The term is usually applied to foods that have been modified or combined in order to enhance the health benefits but may include any food that naturally possesses components with demonstrable pharmacological activity.

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Food Loss and Waste, and Climate Change: An Interdependent Relationship

food loss

Food losses and waste are of particular concern as drivers of climate change and environmental degradation, and for increasing vulnerability to food insecurity. Food that is produced but ultimately never consumed represents a significant contributor to global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and diminishes the productive output of food systems, which in turn could potentially undermine both human and ecological capacities to cope with climate change.

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SPX FLOW Solutions: How Service Should Be Delivered


SPX FLOW continues to make significant investment to its services and facilities to help its customers get the most from their assets and shared the latest steps it is taking to enhance customers’ experiences at ANUGA FoodTec this year.

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The Velveting Culture


Velveting is a Chinese cooking technique commonly used in stir-frying. Meat or seafood are marinated in a mixture of egg white, cornstarch and rice wine, and then briefly blanched in oil or water before finishing off in the stir-fry process with other ingredients.

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