The Premiumisation of Packaging: Creating Affordable Luxury

Packaging Luxury

Two key principles guide brand owners in pursuit of ‘premium’ appeal. The first is that packaging change is inevitable, constant and must be anticipated to ensure success. The second is the promise of premium packaging: that a product presentation that exceeds consumer expectations with an element of luxury goes a long way in solidifying brand loyalty.

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High-speed Snack Pack


The packaging of yoghurt is not made any easier by complementary ingredients such as Crunchy Clusters which the end consumer adds according to personal taste. The ultra-nimble Stäubli FAST picker can do what other robots cannot, thereby offering a well-known food brand a competitive edge in secondary packaging at its factory in Turkey.

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Cold Storage: The Time is Now

Cold Storage

The strengths of cold storage and cold-chain transportation to control post-harvest losses or save temperature-sensitive perishable food articles are nowadays much discussed in India. But in western countries, its limitations are reviewed and the focus is on dense forestation and good agricultural practices with proper land utility to face and

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Sauces Market: 3 Product Trends…

Sauces Weight Filling

Three main technologies are currently used in order to fill viscous products such as sauces and dressings into containers: volumetric filling, flow metering and weight filling. Although not new, weight filling has received a renewed interest from sauces and dressings manufacturers…

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Flexible Production and Packaging Processes at a Confectionary Manufacturer

Confectionary Manufacturer

Josef Manner & Comp. AG is one of Austria’s leading confctionary manufacturers. The extent of their product range presents huge challenges regarding flexibility of production or packaging processes, particularly with seasonal business or during retail campaigns. Reliable detection, controlling, counting and sorting are the most important tasks for sensors on Manner systems.

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Bionanocomposite Packaging Materials


Packaging is the third largest industry in the world and consumes more than 40 percent of the plastic with half of it for food packaging. The current global consumption of plastics is more than 200 million tonnes, with an annual growth rate of about 5 percent, which represents the largest field of application for crude oil.

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Complete Line Solution for Lithuanian Bottler

Europe Mineral Water

BMV is a well-known and leading provider of mineral water in the Baltic States. Its water, rich in beneficial minerals and famous for its unique properties – and for the fact that it has the highest level of mineralisation in Europe – was first bottled on an industrial basis in 1924.

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Nano Packaging : An Extended Arm of Nanotechnology

Nano Packaging

Industry analysts predict that nanotechnology will most likely to be used to transform food by shaping molecules and atoms. The food and agricultural industry are investing billions of dollars into nanotechnology research, and currently there are several nano food products in the market.

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Looking at the World through Smart Glasses

Augmented reality offers interesting possibilities and potentials, e.g. for maintenance work on intra logistic systems: a head-mounted minicomputer could display all necessary information to the service employee. This would simplify their work, hands-free. The BEUMER Group development department places a high priority on this topic. With an app for smart

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Cold Plasma – New Era in Food Industry

By Parth Motwani Plasma is an ionised gas consisting of free electrons, ions, reactive atoms, neutral molecules and photons, and exists over a large range in temperatures and densities. The constituents of plasma are not in thermal equilibrium. It was originally developed to increase the surface energy of polymers, enhancing

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