Vacuum packaging

Vacuum pump for vacuum packaging

Vacuum Packing is a technique of storing and preserving food. The food is stored in an air-tight pack or bottle to put off the growth of microorganisms. The vacuum environment provides the safe atmosphere without oxygen, protecting the food from spoiling by limiting the growth of fungi or aerobic bacteria.

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The Multihead Weigher – Still ‘Weigh’ Ahead

Multihead Weigher

Multihead weighing has achieved a huge amount over the past 30 years but the technology and advanced software still has a lot more to offer, says Ian Atkinson, Multihead Weigher Business Manager of Ishida Europe

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Juices and Soft Drinks – Packaging is the Key

Juices and Soft Drinks - Packaging

In India, many sweetened drinks are marketed on a large scale but out of these some of them are erroneously labelled ‘fruit juice.’ The truth is that many of these drinks have only a small percentage of fruit content, some others contain only fruit flavours;

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Seven Advantages in One Paper

One Paper

The ability to achieve flavor preservation, seal strength, user-friendliness, recycling and tactile and visual impact were essential requirements in the choice of packaging material for Tree of Tea brand tea bag envelopes.

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Flexibles: Coding the Future of Beverage Packaging


The flexible packaging market is booming with a recent report by Smithers Pira predicting growth at an annual rate of 3 percent estimating the overall industry to be worth an impressive $248 billion by 2020. While the food industry dominates the market in terms of usage, the beverage sector is increasingly turning to flexibles for a large variety of products.

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Sauces get a Hot New Look

Hot Pepper Sauce

The new bottle for the Encona ‘Taste Explorers’ range from Grace Foods UK – which includes favourites such as West Indian Original Hot Pepper Sauce and Thai Mild Sweet Chilli Sauce – is part of a refreshment of the packaging to help the brand stay competitive. Slightly taller and narrower than its predecessor, it holds the same volume as before but is more visible on shelf thanks to a greater label surface.

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Frozen Food Market in India

Frozen Food in India

From a mindset where home-cooked and fresh food was preferred and housewives insisted on making everything from snacks to multi-course meals in-house; today it has become commonplace to seek convenience and variety using the vast menu of packaged frozen foods available

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The Premiumisation of Packaging: Creating Affordable Luxury

Packaging Luxury

Two key principles guide brand owners in pursuit of ‘premium’ appeal. The first is that packaging change is inevitable, constant and must be anticipated to ensure success. The second is the promise of premium packaging: that a product presentation that exceeds consumer expectations with an element of luxury goes a long way in solidifying brand loyalty.

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High-speed Snack Pack


The packaging of yoghurt is not made any easier by complementary ingredients such as Crunchy Clusters which the end consumer adds according to personal taste. The ultra-nimble Stäubli FAST picker can do what other robots cannot, thereby offering a well-known food brand a competitive edge in secondary packaging at its factory in Turkey.

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Cold Storage: The Time is Now

Cold Storage

The strengths of cold storage and cold-chain transportation to control post-harvest losses or save temperature-sensitive perishable food articles are nowadays much discussed in India. But in western countries, its limitations are reviewed and the focus is on dense forestation and good agricultural practices with proper land utility to face and

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