Packaging Consumer Goods – With High-Level Profitability

High Level Packaging

Over the last decades, fast-moving consumer goods have significantly contributed to the evolution of automated packaging processes. The TLM packaging machines from Schubert, with their flexibility and high degree of automation, have been instrumental to these advances.

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Investing in Sustainability is Always a Focus of Innovation

Coveris Rigid France SAS factory in Soustons, France

A big step has been taken in limiting the environmental impact at Coveris. The company now operates a flakes PET module, which has been installed in the Coveris Rigid France SAS factory in Soustons, France. The installation was supported financially by the Aquitaine region and is an important part of producing eco-friendly products.

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Confectionery and Bakery Product Packages

Confectionery and Bakery Product Packages

As the consumption of confectionery and bakery products continues to rise, so do the expectations of consumers. Not only do they want to be wowed by the taste, but they are also becoming choosier as far as the packaging is concerned. The good news is that packaging producers and machine manufacturers are able to help out with material-conserving packaging solutions and more efficient production lines.

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Combating Counterfeiting in the Beverage Industry with Effective Coding and Marking Solutions

Beverage Industry

To give you an idea of the scale of counterfeiting within the global beverage industry, earlier this year Interpol reported it had seized a staggering one million litres of illicit drinks across 57 countries

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Nanotechnology – Redefining Beverage Packaging Industry

Beverage Packaging

Nanotechnology is such a field which is dynamically progressing and is contributing to the development of several industries, including food and beverages packaging

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Salty Snacks: Europeans Want them Free from Additives

Salty Snacks

At every party, while relaxing in front of a TV show or just throughout the day, salty snacks like classic potato crisps or nuts should not be in short supply. The crunchy treats are highly popular with consumers all over Europe and regularly find their way into their shopping trolleys. Accordingly, the European snacks market is worth more than 14 billion Euro – and counting.

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Tokyo Pack Plenty to see at Tokyo Pack

Toppan film GL-AR-NF

Recycling sources are very important these days. Toppan has developed a new film “GL-AR-NF”. Toppan says it is a `world-first’ eco-friendly highbarrier packaging film for retort food. “GL-AR-NF”is thus a sustainable solution

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Every Second Aluminium Closure in Europe is now Recycled

Aluminium Recycled

The average recycling rate for aluminium closures in Europe has increased to more than 50%, according to figures released recently by the “Aluminium Closures – Turn 360°” campaign by the European Aluminium Foil Association.

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Vacuum packaging

Vacuum pump for vacuum packaging

Vacuum Packing is a technique of storing and preserving food. The food is stored in an air-tight pack or bottle to put off the growth of microorganisms. The vacuum environment provides the safe atmosphere without oxygen, protecting the food from spoiling by limiting the growth of fungi or aerobic bacteria.

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The Multihead Weigher – Still ‘Weigh’ Ahead

Multihead Weigher

Multihead weighing has achieved a huge amount over the past 30 years but the technology and advanced software still has a lot more to offer, says Ian Atkinson, Multihead Weigher Business Manager of Ishida Europe

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