Antimicrobial Food Packaging

Antimicrobial Food Packaging

Antimicrobial food packaging is a form of packaging that can kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms in the packaged product and, thus, serves to extend the shelf life of perishable food products as well as enhance food safety standards.

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Online Grocery Provides Additional Driver for Carton Packaging Revolution


One of the most dominant drivers of this need is e-grocery, with online food and beverage purchasing expected to reach $100 Billion by 2025 and an estimated 50% of consumers globally buying groceries online in 2018, according to Nielsen and FMI 2016 research.

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First “Evolving” Labelling Machine

evolving labelling machine

At the Anuga FoodTec in Cologne (hall 7.1, booth E049) HERMA will introduce the first “evolving” labelling machine. The HERMA 652B system specializes in the top and/or base labelling of box-shaped products.

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INKS – An Important Market Segment in Packaging

INKS Packaging

Today, the public is curious about the ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘where’ and ‘how’ of the products they consume. The packaging of a product is key; it contributes greatly to the first impression cast in the minds of consumers with regard to any product.

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Lightweight Packaging Operations in Pakistan Grow with Technologically Advanced Factory


Ecolean, the global producer of lightweight packaging solutions for liquid food, for both chilled and ambient distribution, has as part of its continuous growth strategy announced its expansion plans with a new factory in Pakistan.

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Packaging of Fresh and Processed Meat

Processed Meat

Antioxidant/antimicrobial agents such as essential oils from edible and medicinal plants, herbs and spices are used in vaccumpackages. They possess antioxidant and antimicrobial functions and could serve as a source for active agents against food spoilage and deterioration

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Irradiation for Food Packaging – Process and Techniques

Food Packaging

The food industry today has become highly diversified, with manufacturing ranging from small, traditional, family run activities that are highly labour intensive, to large, capital-intensive and highly mechanized industrial processes.

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Form-Fill-Seal Packaging of Dairy Products

Dairy Products

Built around SIG’s new company promise of ‘Excellence – Engineered. Solutions – Delivered’, this dedicated framework allows the company to demonstrate the value it brings to customers and consumers by outlining its core capabilities and solution-driven approach to solving current and future challenges.

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SPF in Milk Packaging

SPF in Milk

Due to content of water, lipids, proteins, milk tend to get spoiled within few days and to increase the shelf life there are various methods are including, freezing, flash pasteurization, Aseptic packaging etc.

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Standardizing Portion Size in the Hospitality Sector

Portion Size in the Hospitality Sector

A “portion size” is the actual food that is placed on your plate, reflecting your own choice or the choice of the restaurant or food producer. We tend to buy bigger packages or order bigger portions because we believe we’re getting better value.

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