Joint Innovations in Fresh and Processed Fruit

Processed Fruit

Frutas Montosa and SEALPACCo-operation: With around 80,000 tonnes per year, Spain is the most important producer of avocados in Europe. A renowned leader in this market is Frutas Montosa, founded in 1982 and located at the very heart of the avocado homeland in the South of Spain.

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SIAL Middle East to Host Over 12,000 Meetings for World Food Experts


the 8th edition of SIAL Middle East will create real opportunities to meet the influencers in food and date palm industries, as well as to build new and promising partnerships ensuring the sustainability of food supplies and providing privileged investment opportunities that drive economic growth.

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FSSAI Modification and Compliance with New Norms

As per FSSAI, the articles manufactured or sold in India are required to be conformity with the provision of Food Safety Standards. During the last few years, certain new standards have been framed by the FSSAI.

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99% Certainty is not Enough, Entire Cold Chain Under Control

Cold Chain Under Control

It ensures the quality and safety of foods: Legally prescribed temperature limit values may be exceeded on the way from the producer to the consumer. As the safety and quality of foods can be negatively influenced by the wrong temperature, the monitoring of the temperature of cold chain-mandatory products is a central building block in the assurance of the desired quality and marketability.

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Kangfa Food Ensures Better Quality for Peaches and Apricots

TOMRA’s Halo sorter has proven to be a versatile and highly-efficient sorting solution

Kangfa Food, a Chinese canned fruit and vegetable production company, attaches great importance to food quality. That is why the company has introduced various measures to control food quality throughout the entire processing chain, starting from the source.

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Potential of Bio-based Material for Meat Packaging

Meat Packaging

In recent years, the usage of plastics for the packaging of food products has increased many folds. It is increasing at an alarming rate of 4 percent and is estimated at 310 million tonnes annually around the globe (Plastics Europe, 2014).

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Storage in Silos and Pneumatic Conveying of Milk Powder with up to 60% Fat Content

Milk Powder Plant

Our mass flow in hygienic design is characterized by Horizontal drop of the product level. The product in the entire silo cross section is in motion during the discharge. There are no dead zones, and thus no product residue. The total mass has a uniform residence time and thus a uniform aging

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Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Fresh Food

Atmosphere Packaging

Modified Atmosphere Packaging is also known as gas flushing, protective atmosphere packaging or reduced oxygen packaging.Modified Atmosphere enables fresh and minimally processed packaged food products to maintain visual, textural and nutritional appeal.

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Innovative Food Packaging: New Papers with Integrated Functionalities

Sappi Packaging

Sappi was the first specialist paper manufacturer to launch packaging papers with integrated barrier functionalities for food protection. At Interpack 2017, Sappi presented fresh new innovations in the field of “Functional Papers”.

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Usage and Efficiency of Wrapping Machines for Meat Packaging

Wrapping Machines

The most important factors in meat packaging are the types of meat being packaged for commercial purposes. Many sectors within the meat packaging industry use certain types of packaging techniques to best preserve the type of meat being packaged.

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