Edible Packaging and Market Overview

Edible Packaging

Synthetic polymers developed for innumerable purposes get couched up and struck in the ecosystem without getting degraded, which also adds toxic chemicals to the surroundings; invariably affecting the entire lives of this era. Packaging films being used in the food sector contributes accountably higher for this built up, which affects the food chain and causes an imbalance in the living system.

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Need for Sustainable Packaging in Meat Industry

Meat Industry

Notwithstanding the perception of India being largely a vegetarian country, the meat production in the country is estimated to be around 6.3 million tonnes, which makes it the fifth largest producer of meat in the world.

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Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP) Demand Upheld

Logistics Services

Global demand for returnable transport packaging (RTP) valuated at around US$ 22 billion in 2018, which is likely to witness a moderate surge of 4.3 percent in 2019. East Asia’s returnable transport packaging market will remain the top revenue shareholder, with an estimated share of more than 1/4th of the global value, according to the report.

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Constant Sealing Times in spite of Variable Feeding Speed


In order to be able to use the heat-sealing film even more flexibly when packaging in flowpacks, Schubert has developed a new heat-sealing robot for its Flowmodul. For the first time ever, the flow-wrapper’s new crosssealing unit allows constant sealing times with variable chain speed and a wide control range of the film.

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Automation in Weighing, Feeding and Bagging Streamlines Food Packaging Processes


The rapid growth of the food packaging industry is mainly attributed to the expansion of robotic automation capabilities in recent times. Industrial robots which offer enhanced flexibility and efficiency have allowed packaging plants to introduce new products on the same assembly lines.

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Providing High-Quality, Long Shelf Life Milk and Drinkable Yoghurt to the People of Indonesia

Drinkable Yoghurt

ABC Group is a major food and beverage company in Indonesia. The company has been in business since the 1970s and, in 2011 it decided to diversify to produce drinking milk, flavored milks and drinkable yoghurt to meet a growing Indonesian market.

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Nanocapsules to Improve the Bioavailability of Nutraceuticals


Nanotechnology has carved a niche for itself in the fields of food and agriculture. This is made possible by the ability of nanotechnology to tailor the structure of materials at extremely small scale to target specific end applications. Further, nanotechnology tools can be applied in all phases of the food cycle ‘from farm to fork’ such as: cultivation; production; processing; and packaging.

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Sustainable New Products for Innovative Packaging

Innovative Packaging

With two innovative new products, Zanders focused strongly on sustainability at this year’s FachPack: Zangrass, an uncoated grass paper with almost unlimited areas of application, and Zanbarrier NGR, a fluorocarbon-free barrier paper for flexible food packaging, were the highlights of the fair presentation and were enormously popular with the visitors.

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Touchpoint Packaging – Integrated System for Placing Confectionery at POS

Touchpoint Packaging

Rovema manufacturer of packaging machines will be exhibiting at Fachpack 2018 with a sophisticated solution for packing sweets. A typical application for packaging into attractive point of sale display boxes will be shown, each containing 12 scaled lying 25g bags. Rovema as Touchpoint for the confectionary industry.

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Danish Seafood Processor Turns to Revolutionary New Sustainable Flat Packaging System

Danish Seafood

These days, more and more skin packs are conquering the retail shelves around the world. The advantages of the skin packaging system are obvious: securely sealed under deep vacuum, food products have a significantly longer shelf life and can be presented in a much more attractive way. By launching FlatSkin®, SEALPAC now offers a revolutionary solution that combines the sought-after skin packaging process with a plastic reduction of up to 75%. Danish seafood processor Vega Salmon A/S is one of the early adopters of the FlatSkin® packaging system for its hot-smoked salmon products.

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