Company with a Contemporary Vision En Route Food with a Deep-Rooted Philosophy

Srivardhan Sethuram, Managing Partner, Green Light Foods LLP

Green Light Foods-LLP is a start-up company with a contemporary vision towards food along with a deep-rooted philosophy where they use local healthy produce like ragi, jowar and brajra to make wholesome and nutritive snack bars. The company is known for providing wholesome and sustainable snack options to the consumers. Food Marketing & Technology-India Magazine interviewed Srivardhan Sethuram, Managing Partner, Green Light Foods LLP, to glance the products, services and techniques they provide.

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Omron Automation, India: Leading the way in Industrial Automation

Sameer Gandhi

Food Marketing and Technology magazine, on the sideline of PackPlus-2017, had a free- wheeling conversation with Mr Sameer Gandhi, MD, Omron Automation, India. The company, specialising in ‘Integrated’, ‘Intelligent’ and ‘Interactive’ industrial automation has one of the world’s widest and most sophisticated portfolios of Input-Logic-Output-Robotics + Safety based solutions.

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Videojet Technologies – ‘Adding Value to Meat Products’

Dhananjay Bapat, Director, Marketing & Products Management at Videojet Technologies

Dhananjay Bapat, Director, Marketing & Products Management at Videojet Technologies speaks to Food Marketing and Technology Associate Editor Harish Penumarthi on international meat labelling market, complying with different meat labelling norms and other factors that need to be taken care of. Excerpts…

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Whole Grain: An Appetizing Way to Combine Health and Indulgence

Michael Gusko, Managing Director at GoodMills Innovations

At the recent HiE 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany, GoodMills Innovations launched its “new generation” whole grain ingredient, White Gold®. Food Marketing & Technology talked to Managing Director Michael Gusko about challenges facing the market and how to make wholesome nutrition more appealing.

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‘Multinationals are Looking at Growing Indian Market’

Marcia Mogelonsky

Marcia Mogelonsky, Director of Insight, Mintel Food and Drink, speaks to Food Marketing and Technology Editor-at-Large Alankar Srivastava, about the chocolate market, organic farming methods, and much more. Excerpts…

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Food Industry – “It’s Just About the Right Product at the Right Time”

Mr. Vashisht Gopalka, CEO, Line Media and Hospitality

In conversation with, the CEO of Line Media and Hospitality, Mr. Vashisht Gopalka. Read on to know about his journey, which started from his Garage during his salad days to becoming the CEO of one of the biggest Marketing Consultancies today. Food Marketing and Technology Associate Editor Harish Penumarthi, spoke to him on his contributions to the food sector and the market potential of Indian Processed and Packaged food sectors.

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Innovation, Education and Growth

Mr. SridarNarayanswami, Vice President & Managing Director at Emerson’s Commercial & Residential Solutions

Mr. SridarNarayanswami, Vice President & Managing Director at Emerson’s Commercial & Residential Solutions, Indiaplatform speaks to FMT’s Martin Healey on various aspects of Emerson’s business in the refrigeration and cold chain industry in India. Excerpts…

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“We Support Product Development from the Very Beginning”

Volker Budzinski

Glatt Ingenieurtechnik in Weimar, Germany, is a global plant manufacturer with its own fluidised bed technology. As sales director, Volker Budzinski is responsible for international project development at Glatt Process Technology Food, Feed & Fine Chemicals. In this interview, he answers questions about the company’s internal workflow.

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Emerging Pioneers in Process Solutions & Automation

Neologic Engineers Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 2007, by two visionary Gentlemen Mr. Ravindra Mahajan (Right) and Mr. Rajendra Gore (Left). It is based in Pune (Maharashtra). It provides process solutions and automation to the food, dairy, beverage, brewery, cosmetic and allied industries. They focus on quality and energy saving solutions and look forward to becoming the most preferred supplier in future. Food Marketing and Technology Magazine’s Associate Editor, recently got an opportunity to interview the two bigwigs who are the heart and soul of the company.

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Emergence of Spray Oils in the Indian Market – RAY Cooking Spray


Mr. Shyamal Panchmatia, a graduate from Australia is the first in his family to enter into the commodity market. He ventured out of his traditional family business of Plywood into cooking spray oils. A fitness freak and a person with a calculative approach on the daily nutrition intake, he decided to launch Ray Cooking Spray, a cooking oil which minimises calorie intake by more than 50 percent.

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