Harnessing Ancient Herbal Health Benefits Can Greatly Enhance Our Quality of Life…

Aniruuddha Datta

Bambino Group is engaged in the development of functional foods with definitive health benefits through fortification of food with natural products containing quantified amounts of active substances, directed towards the goal of providing “tasteful health” to consumers.

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We Aim to be Country’s Fastest Growing and Most Loved Food Company

Viraj Bahl

Indians are now travelling all over the globe and experiencing different cuisines. At Veeba, we like to keep ourselves abreast with these changing trends and give consumers something their palate would love. I like to read up a lot on the changing food trends; I also thoroughly enjoy going out and experimenting with different foods and ingredients.

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Equinox Ensures Latest Needs and Demands of the Market

Ashwin Satish Bhandari

Equinox Labs is among the top stakeholders who always encourage the implementation of any new FSSAI regulations, after considering its pros and cons. From Corporate to Food Businesses, my team and I have contributed in co-authoring and drafting quite some regulations in the past.

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Universal Robots and their ‘cobots’

Pradeep David

The cobots have become the third or the helping hand in production, constituted to take over mundane, repetitive, physically demanding tasks that require precision and efficiency. They also have the fastest payback period which makes them economical.

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AOAC Calls For Participants to Engage In Establishing Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPRs)

Dr Kaushik

The main focus of FSSAI is on ensuring food safety and standards, with an emphasis on nutrition as the basis for conducting food analyses and implementing food safety parameters. Food safety concerns such as the presence of contaminants or adulterants in food products, including veterinary drugs and pesticides, form a key part of our investigations and interventions.

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FSSAI Aims towards Strengthening the Food Testing Systems in the Country

Dr. N. Bhaskar

Food testing is an integral part of the FOOD SAFETY REGULATION and ENFORCEMENT. Through a network food testing laboratories (state food testing labs and referral labs) has been established across the country

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“Good To Go” For every Health-Junkie in the Capital!

Mr. Angad Singh

With their successful introduction into the e-tailing market, Good To Go brings you, their newest range of exotic and fitness products that is a must-have: Four exciting new flavours of steamed/grilled chicken breast, namely Herbed, Tandoori, Hot chilly & Lemon chilly.

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“Dairy Cooperatives Have Ensured Inclusive Involvement of All Sections of the Milk Producing Community”

Dr. D.K. SHARMA - General Manager-NDDB

Indian Dairy has transformed from stagnation to world leadership. NDDB has developed several innovations that enhance nutrition directly and by improving digestibility and palatability, along with supporting animal nutrition.

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“Automation Is Our Strength; Quality & Energy Saving our Focal Point”

Rajendra Gore and Ravindra Mahajan

Mr. Rajendra Gore and Mr. Ravindra Mahajan, Neologic Engineers with a vision to provide latest process solutions and automation to the food, dairy, beverages, cosmetics, and allied industries, touch-base with Sagrika Sanjay from Food Marketing & Technology-India to resituate their business activity.

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UFLEX-Shaping the Fresh ProduceWorld with Flexfresh Packaging Solution

Mr. N. Siva Shankaran

FlexFresh is a path breaking product in extending self-life of perishable fresh produce, yet maintaining sensory characteristics. It is a win-win product for farmers, manufactures, and consumers alike.

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