Gandhi Automations spearheading operational solutions

Gandhi Automations

Gandhi Automations High-Speed Doors are versatile and solid ensuring long-lasting reliability for fast-moving industries and goods like E-commerce. The modular structure of the curtains, assembled and joined by anodized aluminum extrusions, provides for a wide range of polyester sections available in a variety of colors.

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“Flexible and Intelligent”: The New NORDAC LINK Field Distributor


The developer and manufacturer of drive technology for over 50 years; NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is one of the world’s leading suppliers of full-scale, comprehensive drive solutions. The NORDAC LINK series was specially developed for applications in modern, networked intralogistics systems

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Exhibitors Thrilled to Participate in the Subsequent Year ? PackPlus 2019


The total Packaging, Processing and Supply Chain event PackPlus witnessed the attraction of the industry stalwarts and market regulators from packaging, pharmaceutical, and food industry to discuss about the recent developments related to these sectors.

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SCIEX Addresses Food Safety Issues in Dairy Industry


Milk is one of the most consumed foods globally, but also a problematic one in terms of food safety. Its rich-in-protein quality makes it as one of the ‘Big Eight’ allergenic foods, accounting for 90% of all food allergies.

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Health-focus and consumer-centric innovation will drive growth in India’s meat sector

India's meat sector

Focusing on consumer-centric innovations and delivering healthy eating options will help India’s meat industry grow much faster” said Mr. B. Soundararajan, Chairman, CLFMA of India, on the occasion of World Health Day

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Locally Grown Locally Produced

Locally Grown Locally Produced

The culture of growing locally and eating fresh is one of the simplest ways of improving nutrition in our diet. Local food systems use several means for distribution of the produce and farmer’s markets play an important role in this.

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PM Modi Interacts with Global CEOs of the Food Processing Sector

World Food India

During a discussion, CEOs of global food processing giants hailed the vision of Prime Minister’s vision of doubling farm incomes and the progress of structural reforms and bold initiatives such as GST and the liberalization of the FDI regime, unleashed under his leadership.

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Goodpack Containers Reduce Customer’s Supply Chain Costs

Goodpack Containers

Pankaj Jaiswal, Head of Sales – Foods and Liquid Business said, “With respect to packaging selection, considering the most environmentally friendly option, Goodpack promotes the reuse and recycling of Containers.

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Tastefully India


India has a massive food market that is expanding rapidly. Its $915 billion farm-to-fork ecosystem includes 1.3 billion consumers. India’s increasing disposable income has fuelled the growth of the world’s largest consumer market.

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H.L. Agro releases Sesame Seeds Market Report for the FY 2017-2018

Sesame Seeds

H.L. Agro Products, unleashes an analytical review of Indian sesame seeds that covers its local & global market dynamics, industry trends, market size, value/supply chain analysis, industry competition, & forecasts for the year 2018.

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