A Novel, Sugar-Free Binder Syrup for Healthier Snacks

Sugar-Free Binder Syrup for Healthier Snacks

ERYLITE® is erythritol produced by yeast fermentation. It has become popular as a replacement for sugar in many applications. The use of ERYLITE® in novel, sugar-free binder syrup extends that range of applications and it serves as a useful tool for formulators.

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Sulfuric Acid Good Enough to Eat

Eat Sulfuric Acid

Food and sulfuric acid – at first sight, this combination seems impossible. Actually, highly diluted sulfuric acid is an approved acidifying agent and is approved as a food additive in Europe under number E513. In Leverkusen, LANXESS manufactures this product at food-grade quality.

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Soy Protein Products – Unravelling the Untapped Potential

Soy Protein

The quality of the protein is improved in soy–cereal mixtures because soy protein is a rich source of lysine, the first limiting essential amino acid in most cereal proteins. The soy biopeptide induced a significant increase in glycosaminoglycan synthesis – both in vitro and in vivo after 1 month treatment; it also stimulated collagen synthesis

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A comprehensive insight on food and nutrients

Figure 6: The healthy eating pyramid (source: Department of Nutrition, Harvard school of Public Health)

The food industries are continuously expanding and luring the customers by making the foods more and more palatable and ready-to-eat to save the time of processing and cooking, which are generally accompanied by the aggressive marketing of food products.

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Colouring Foods Put Confectioners Ahead of their Competitors

Natural fruit and vegetable concentrates increase brand preference

The innovator of Colouring Foods, the GNT Group, is a leading provider in the field of true natural color solutions with its EXBERRY® range – the broadest and most diverse on the market.

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Acacia Gum – A Multifunctional Food Product

Acacia gum

Acacia gum has been used since 2650 BC, at the time of ancient Egypt, when it was used in the manufacture of bandages for mummies. Acacia gum is commonly known in the industry under various names: GumAcacia, Gum Arabic, Acacia Fiber, E414.

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Innovative Beverage Bitterness Maskers Unveiled

Beverage Bitterness

Synergy Flavors, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of flavours, extracts and essences, has expanded its nutrition offering with the launch of its innovative bitterness masking solutions. Suitable for branched chain amino acid (BCAA) based beverages, including pre-workout

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Beans – An Excellent Addition to Economical & Healthy Diet

Beans - An Excellent Healthy Diet

Beans are seeds from plants in the Phaseolus genus, and are one of the ancient crops that can be consumed as immature seed or as mature grain or as vegetable.

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True Colours: Consumer preference for natural colours and what it means for dairy

True Colours

According to Nielsen’s August 2016 report on ingredient trends, 61 percent of consumers internationally say they try to avoid artificial colours, rising to 65 percent in the Asia-Pacific region. In Europe, the number of new products with natural colourants grew by 5.6 percent in 2015, compared to a decline of 5.2 percent for artificial colours.

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Amino Acid and Minerals as Nutraceuticals

Amino Acid and Minerals

The protein molecules are formed by a combination of different amino acid blocks in various ways. The essential amino acids are categorised mainly as aromatic amino acids (AAA) and branched chain amino acids (BCAA). In general there are non-essential and essential amino acids.

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