New Range of Label-Friendly Potato Starches for Meat, Meat Alternatives and Culinary Products

Potato Starches

Cargill is expanding its portfolio of labelfriendly functional native starches with the addition of three potato starches designed for meat, meat alternatives and culinary applications. Designed for mild processing conditions, these starches offer superior viscosity and improved sensory experience

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Sidel StarLite UltraLight CSD

UltraLight CSD

The Sidel StarLite™ family of bottle base solutions is expanding through the StarLite UltraLight for carbonated soft drinks (CSD). As the name suggests, this design allows for an even lighter bottle than the existing solutions in the beverage marketplace.

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Vodka Production

Vodka Production

Vodka is produced from various ingredients, including different types of grains such as wheat, rye, barley, maize as well as other ingredients such as potatoes and grapes. Ingredients are distilled and rectified — distilling to a strength of at least 96% ABV.

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HL Agro decodes the future trend of artificial sweeteners in India

HL Agro

HL Agro Products, the accredited manufacturer and exporter of sesame seeds, starch, and corn sweetener gleans the market insights to forecast the growth trends of the artificial sweeteners in India. The greatest challenge that the sweetener market in India faces in trying to expand

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Salt Reduction – the First Step to Better Health

Salt Reduction

Salt reduction has been a hot topic in the food debate for some time now. Governments worldwide are required to take measures to raise awareness of excessive salt consumption in the population. The food industry is required to take more responsibility for their customers, and consumers must be given a wake-up call, warning them of the health consequences of excessive salt intake.

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An overview on 3D printing of foods

3D printing

The 3D design of food which meets the unique demand of special consumer categories, (such as elderly, children, and athletes) are first designed on computer — or simply downloaded, and then need to be converted into computer language/codes for the 3D printer to read

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New Performance Nutrition Ingredient Solutions

Nutrition Ingredient

Leading nutritional powerhouse, Glanbia Nutritionals, has announced the launch of two new pioneering and innovative performance nutrition ingredients for formulation in functional beverages in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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Formulated whey and vanilla protein powder enhance the level of protein in the body

protein powder

Typically contains the lowest percentage of protein per 100g. This is due to the concentrate undergoing lesser processing to produce the end product. It also has some fat and lactose. Concentrates often have more bioactive compounds than more refined forms of whey protein.

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Dried Spices – Not Just an Additive for Enticing Food Flavors, There’s More to it!

Dried Spices

Competitive Dashboard and Dynamic Market Scenario of Dried Spices “The demand for spices is set for further growth, even if they have been traded for centuries. The prices of many spices have also increased.

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Taste and Flavor Modulation with Organic Acids in Sugar Confectionery

Sugar Confectionery

The Main component of classic sugar confectionery products, like hard boiled or gummy candies of course, is sucrose. However, as candies are increasingly a target for sugar reduction exercises, polyols, such as isomalt, would then be the main ingredient.

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