Fruit and Floral Flavours in Bakery

Bakery Flavours

Baked products have been around for almost a thousand years. The drastic appeal for baked goods has promoted baking throughout the world. It is equally important to acknowledge that in baking processes high temperatures lead to loss/change in flavours, whereas at the same time baked products develop a unique tempting aroma.

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Vegetarian SubstitAutes of Gelatin


Gelatin is a protein, derived from the collagen found in the bones, connective tissues, and skin of animals. This is very commonly used to thicken foods such as puddings, yoghurts, gummy candies, fruit gelatin desserts, ice creams, marshmallows, and many more.

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Natural Colours in Confectionery: Shattering the Myths

Natural Colours

Recent growth in demand for natural colours has largely been driven by concerns about health, particularly that of children. And while consumers may not be fully aware of all the details of the scientific studies, they have certainly got the message that artificial colours are associated with health risks.

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Antifreeze Proteins The Novel Food Ingredient

Antifreeze proteins

Antifreeze proteins (AFPs) are polypeptide compounds synthesised by various organisms such as fish, plants, fungi and bacteria to enable their cells to survive subzero environments. In 1969, Arthur De Vries identified the antifreeze proteins in Antarctic notothenioid fish.

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Natural Antioxidants for Food & Beverage Industry

Natural Antioxidants

When we talk of natural antioxidants we need not think of some magical powders with herbal or natural written all over it. What I mean to say is that a natural antioxidant is actually natural only until it is present in its true natural form within the confines of its natural carrier.

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Designing Smart Food Supplements for Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s Diseases

Food Supplements

Current evidence suggests that the aggregation of protein drives the of onset most age-related illnesses. With ageing, cells accumulate metastable proteins that drive the negative consequences. The protein control quality systems keep
on declining

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DuPont NutriScholars Awards – Fuelling Innovation in the Indian Bakery Industry

Indian Bakery Industry

The Indian bakery industry is expanding exponentially along with the evolving Indian consumer interests. Indian consumers are looking for baked foods with increased health and wellness quotient. The bakery industry is responding with new products that are low in fat and sugar; free from sugar; and enriched with protein and fibre

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Meeting the Demand for Natural preservatives

Natural preservatives

As consumers strive to make more educated purchasing decisions, many are looking for products with natural labelling. Although people still want to enjoy their favorite healthy, convenient products, removing artificial additives or preservatives to create desirable labels can be challenging. Eliminating such ingredients can have a negative effect on taste and visual appearance, impacting overall consumer appeal.

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Anti-Dusting Fiber Concentrates Reduce Loss and Improve Processing

anti dusting

There are many reasons why the formation of dust is a serious topic. Not only because of the high risk for health but also for industrial safety. It reduces the profit as well because of the high losses and the cleaning effort.

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Addressing Current Food Trends with New Stabilizing Systems

Stabilizing Systems

At Gulfood Manufacturing in Dubai, Hydrosol is presenting new stabilizing and texturing systems that enable food companies to make high-selling trend products. The focus is on the company’s many ideas for plant-based alternatives to dairy, texturing systems for reduced-sugar foods, and economical solutions for chicken products.

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