Formulated whey and vanilla protein powder enhance the level of protein in the body

protein powder

Typically contains the lowest percentage of protein per 100g. This is due to the concentrate undergoing lesser processing to produce the end product. It also has some fat and lactose. Concentrates often have more bioactive compounds than more refined forms of whey protein.

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Dried Spices – Not Just an Additive for Enticing Food Flavors, There’s More to it!

Dried Spices

Competitive Dashboard and Dynamic Market Scenario of Dried Spices “The demand for spices is set for further growth, even if they have been traded for centuries. The prices of many spices have also increased.

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Taste and Flavor Modulation with Organic Acids in Sugar Confectionery

Sugar Confectionery

The Main component of classic sugar confectionery products, like hard boiled or gummy candies of course, is sucrose. However, as candies are increasingly a target for sugar reduction exercises, polyols, such as isomalt, would then be the main ingredient.

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Coating Agents as Functional Food

Bakery Product

Bakery products are cereal-based, and cereals are the cheapest source of hunger satisfaction and nutrition for poor people who are most vulnerable to nutrient deficiency.

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Vegan Dairy Alternatives

Vegan Dairy

“Our goal is not just to present customers with ideas for vegan alternative products, but to deliver concepts with added value,” explains Dr. Dorotea Pein, Innovation and Product Manager for Dairy Products.

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Bacon Jams: A Technical Introduction

Lisa Suwal

The most simplistic version of bacon jam is made by slow cooking a combination of onions, brown sugar, vinegar and, of course, bacon. This mixture is then blitzed in a food processor to make jam.

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The Indian Tortilla Is Quiet Flavourful!


Gulabs products involve the usage of highest quality of curated raw materials thereby having a superior taste. Recently, Gulabs also launched Tiny Khakhras, with a 2.5 inch diameter, making it very unique and extremely comfortable for travel friendliness.

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Pretzels & Co: Up to 50 % Reduced Salt and a Perfect Taste


New Slow Milling® Pretzel Salt Light SG from GoodMills Innovation enables salt reduction in pretzel décor without the consumer noticing any visible difference. At the same time, the pretzel salt is water stable and therefore ideal for frozen bake-off products as it does not cause unsightly burn marks when defrosted and baked.

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Smart Technology Provides Additional Value for Collagen Peptide

Collagen Peptide

GELITA’s SMART TECHNOLOGY enhances the company’s collagen peptides by adding a new set of properties. Building on the existing product range, these novel ingredients have been produced using an additional particle engineering processing step. As a result, the SMART TECHNOLOGY range offers customers significant extra value in the form of technological advantages that, for example, improve efficiency and process performance.

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WATER- As a Food Processing Ingredient


Water is an important component of the food processing industry as it is not only present in all foods; it is also extensively used in most food plants as a processing aid as well as an agent for cleaning operations.

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