Natural Food Colours: Preparations and Application

Natural Food Colours

Natural food colour is any dye, pigment or substance that imparts colour when it is added to food or drink. All individuals are sensitive to the colour of food, even appetites are influenced and stimulated by colour; colour may sometimes discourage eating certain foods and diminish the desire for particular foods.

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And Thou Shall Not Be ‘OBESE’ Anymore…

vegetables and fruits

Asking anyone about obesity who adheres to conventional wisdom will effortlessly state that abstinence from food and rigorous exercise is the ultimate cure. But the concept of obesity is multidimensional and research dictates that causes of obesity transcends the orthodox approach defining obesity on basis of dietary over indulgence, lack of exercise and miniscule quantities of self control and will power.

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Beating Egg Costs in Mayonnaise

Egg Yolk at Work

there’s no denying the fact that both ingredients are subject to dramatic price fluctuations that make life difficult for mayonnaise and dressing manufacturers.

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Almonds Continue to Inspire New Products Worldwide


California almonds were the number one nut used in new products worldwide in 2016, the tenth year that almonds have held the lead position for nuts used in new product introductions

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Local Chef & Japanese Cuisine


As a head Japanese chef, I have known the Japanese Cuisine; it is not only about sushi, but much more. As a chef, sometimes, I have to play with fish where my work involves the art of cutting the fish in a right way

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Turmeric – the rising star


Turmeric has been called the “golden child of Ayurveda”, in traditional Indian medicine. It is revered for its extensive health benefits that stem from curcumin, the compound responsible for turmeric’s vibrant yellow pigment.

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Healthy Snack Ingredients for Food Hospitality Services

Healthy Snack

Having snacks between meals reduces the urge to overeat major meals, additionally snacking nutritious nibbles provides necessary vitamins, minerals to fulfil our body needs for nutrients. Hence it is essential to snack healthy food, to reduce the risk of dreadful lifestyle diseases and syndromes- Diabetes, Obesity, Atherosclerosis.

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Bolder Flavours in Food Services

Bolder Flavours

Flavours or flavourings are recognized by the senses of taste and smell, and characterized as- sweet, sour, bitter, salty, umami and detected by taste buds present on the surface of our tongue.

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Milk Procurement: Provide Rural Milk Producers a Greater Access to the Organized Market

Milk Procurement

Milk is a versatile wholesome food, fresh and ready to consume. India is the largest producer of milk. It is a perishable product, and dairy industries experience seasonal fluctuation.

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Novel Ingredients for Value Added Synbiotic Fermented Dairy Products

Lactobacillus acidophilus strains have been used as probiotic bacteria in various food formulations such as yoghurt, curd and ice cream. A barley-based probiotic food mixture using L. acidophilus has been developed

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