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JRS develops needs-based solutions for various demands and applicationsThe market for food supplements is a large, dynamic market with versatile variants and dosage forms. Increasing globalization and product diversity have caused product lifecycles to become shorter and shorter. Marketing relevant characteristics have to be implemented quickly and efficiently. The flexibilization of production and business processes in order to be able to produce on time and customer specifically is no longer just a decisive competitive edge; it has become a means of survival.

Those wanting to be able to quickly respond to market changes, or even better – to always be a decisive step ahead, opt for a reliable and high-performing partner when it comes to the manufacture of food supplements, such as JRS, who has the necessary speed and efficiency to respond to short innovation cycles and constantly changing market-specific needs.

Together with producers, JRS develops needs-based solutions for various demands and applications, making it possible for manufacturers to quickly respond to new orders. At JRS, new developments in the market lead to an expansion of the owned range. This way the delivery forms are consistently adapted to the needs and desires of the customers. The application-specific preparation technology and the application development required for this is made available by external manufacturers for contract manufacturing projects.

Over the years, JRS has established comprehensive and practice-oriented know how that has led the company to assume its current leadership position as a paid services provider in the international market. A module system has been developed for various fields of application, which is reflected in a special process technology, the JRS-EPT – `Enhanced JRS Processing Technology‘. Here, the individual elements can be accessed from application consulting via application development, process implementation, machine/system special solutions – including logistics management and quality system. In this manner the comprehensive technological know-how and years of experience are included in the solutions that precisely cater to the customer’s needs.

JRS-EPT enables versatile processing steps for most of the various kinds of basic and bulk materials – an endless pool of options.

As well as processing the imported raw materials for declaration reasons, JRS has capabilities for the manufacture of special products in special grains, special lines for allergen treatment, as well as halal and kosher requirements in contract manufacturing. If a reliable partner is sought by means of mechanical processing technology for product preparation, JRS offers versatile process technologies, such as press and spray granulation, germ-reduced hot-gas grinding or jet grinding.

JRS also offers special delivery forms for final products, such as spheres and a number of common auxiliary materials for coatings, as well as lubricants and highly loadable carriers.

Several JRS production facilities have a climatized moisture-conditioned production environment, that ensures year-round, weather-independent processability of hygroscopic special products.

Uppermost priority: The establishment of functional added value for specific product adjustments.

Customer raw materials are adapted by means of versatile modification for the most varied type of requirements, in order to achieve the highest possible added value and to meet all of the requirements of global marketing.

The desired manufacturer profile is precisely implemented in preliminary tests at JRS laboratories and by means of small quantity tests in the technology center. This way product tests can be performed easily and directly.

Manufacturing takes place for the manufacturer without any of their own investments and capacity and process adjustments can be realized easily and quickly: From consulting to application support, QA, method development, test run up to logistics – JRS offers specialized services made to measure!

JRS can call upon on a large pool of extensive process technology know-how and over-arching application experience; as world market leader for the manufacture of natural fiber materials JRS has been successfully involved in the research and processing of functional plant fibers for virtually all areas of modern industry for more than 130 years.

Depending on the task, access to the global JRS product network infrastructure is possible at more than 30 further locations. This covers the demand for marketable availability forms for market-compliant processes – at a global level.

With this, the owner-managed family group stands for quality, reliability and long-term perspectives: A strong, reliable partner with whom key partners can concentrate on their core competences and secure and expand their competitive edge.

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