“Automation Is Our Strength; Quality & Energy Saving our Focal Point”

Rajendra Gore and Ravindra Mahajan

Mr. Rajendra Gore and Mr. Ravindra Mahajan, Neologic Engineers with a vision to provide latest process solutions and automation to the food, dairy, beverages, cosmetics, and allied industries, touch-base with Sagrika Sanjay from Food Marketing & Technology-India to resituate their business activity.

What are the main services that you offer? Is dairy the only sector that you work with?

We are the engineering company, and our vision is to provide latest process solutions and Automation to process industry.

We offer the system solutions to dairy, beverages, food, cosmetic and allied industry. With our focus on quality and energy saving solutions, we have become preferred solution provider for these industries. We pursue international quality standards and utilises best available components in our systems.

Who are the major clients?

So far the company has supplied and commissioned 200 processing plants across 100 locations and 11 countries. We are preferred suppliers of our valued customers like Dodla Dairy, Hatsun, Mother Dairy, Amul, DANONE, Hindustan Unilever, Pepsi, RJ group, ITC, BG Chitale, Prabhat, Tasty Bites, Heritage, SR Thorat, Parle, Sangam Baskin Robbins, Cream Bell, Godrej and many more to count.

Explain us about your turnkey project solution in dairy?

We have established an infrastructure to execute larger turnkey projects. We are specialised in process design and end-to-end project management. As such, we guarantee our process design output parameters, on-time delivery & execution.

The company currently employs total staff strength of 65 of which 55 are highly management & qualified engineers in Sales, Pre-sales, Design, Project management and Customer Service. 130 are qualified manufacturing floor staff and the rest are support staff.

We have a 25,000 sq. ft ISO 9001-2008 certified module manufacturing facility and a newly developed 5 floored 300 seater office facilities in Pune. We have 4 more fabrication facilities of 60,000 sq.ft area on lease. As per our commitment to technology, we use high quality licensed software tools for design and an integrated SAP ERP implementation.

How is your company using automation to offer cutting edge solutions?

Automation is our strength and we follow international standards for same. We consider latest technology in selection of PLC system, Instruments, Networking (Ethernet, Asi bus, profibus etc), Remote IO configuration etc. Our vision of IOT integration in process industry shall help our customers to great extent for high standards in plant and MIS. Specially designed MIS system for dairy has helped our clients to take futuristic decisions.

We have developed automation platform which follows ISA S88/95 standards, which helps our competent team to execute project without failure and in time. We have standardised for dairy, beverage processes with such standards which improves our quality and efficiency of work. Our separate focused team, continuously works on those standards and keeps us at par with latest technology.

What are the challenges that the food industry face today? What new trends do you foresee in 2018?

The dairy industry today is facing a lot of challenges in production. Product quality, the cost of production, and ROI for Automation are the main challenges. We have systematic plan and solutions to tackle those issues.

Product Quality: It is mainly because of two reasons, one is raw material and second is poor designed manufacturing equipment & plant piping.

We take care of second cause of quality issue. i.e design of plant. Today many dairy plants has opportunity to improve standards in terms of Hygiene. It involves equipment design, product piping, improper cleaning operations, improper civil construction and use of non-standards equipment.

Cost of Production: There are various reasons like poor level of Automation, utility losses, poor product recovery, recalls from market, mixing of cleaning solutions with product, poor efficiency equipment, poor skilled labour etc. Our system solutions solves all the problems and reduces the cost of production drastically.

ROI for Automation: The overdesigned Automation solutions is main reason to become Automation as a white elephant.

With our experience, we suggest customers the level of Automation which serves the main purpose to reduce the production cost and improves the quality. This is totally customised solution and it differs for each installation. We are quite successful to offer such solutions and confident to cater major market. We see plant upgradation and Automation as future to industry.

Are your products manufactured in India? How are you competing with MNCs who offer similar solutions?

We have a large basket of products mainly in three categories: Process modules, Process solutions and engineering services.

We offer various modular solutions such as CIP, Pasteurisers, UHT sterilizer, Aseptic tank, hot water module, viscous product processing with scrapped surface heat exchanger, mixing unit, reception system and melting Vats etc.

In dairy, we offer liquid milk processing, curd and yoghurt manufacturing, ice cream, ghee, cream, paneer, cheese and CIP. In beverages, we offer sugar solution preparation, blending, pulp handling, pectin dissolving, juice processing, CIP etc.

In Food, we offer sauce, ketchup manufacturing line, jam manufacturing, CIP system.

In cosmetic, we offer shampoo, cream, home care product manufacturing line, CIP system, raw material handling.
We also have supplied equipment to various other applications like maize processing, egg processing, non-dairy cream processing etc

We are competing with various MNCs on the basis of clear understanding of the customer’s need. We deliver suitable and flexible process system of quality equipment, proven process solutions, strong after sales service support and excellent work culture. We are confident to keep us ahead of competition because of our consistent innovation in engineering and supply.

What are your major markets for exports?

We export lot of systems across 11 countries like Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, UAE, Morocco, Qatar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc. We see lot of growth in Gulf, Africa and South Asia market.

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