IRCTC introduced RTE food, Collaborates with Research Institutes

Ready to Eat

The food catering arm of Indian railways, IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) will now serve Ready-to-Eat (RTE) food as an option for the travelers of Rajdhani, Shatabdi and other trains in which they are responsible to serve food.

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FSSAI Sets Safety Standards for Alcoholic Drinks in India

Alcoholic Drinks

FSSAI has finalised a list of food additives and approved safety standards for alcoholic drinks like whiskey and beer. This is a first time for all major alcoholic drinks in the country for which standards and additives list have been finalised.

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Two Food Brands Show the Best in Food Innovation

Fancy Food

Two leading food shows, the Specialty Food Association’s Summer Fancy Food Show and Comexposium’s SIAL Paris, announce an agreement to highlight food innovation at their respective trade shows by featuring each show’s award-winning products.

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Now Save Your Avocado for Some More Days


An Australia based reasearch institute Naturo All Natural Technologies PTY. LTD has developed Natavo Zero processing technology which preserves all of the taste and nutritional properties of avocados without adding chemicals, preservatives or other additives, said Jeff Hastings, member in the Board of Directors.

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Nano Packaging : An Extended Arm of Nanotechnology

Nano Packaging

Industry analysts predict that nanotechnology will most likely to be used to transform food by shaping molecules and atoms. The food and agricultural industry are investing billions of dollars into nanotechnology research, and currently there are several nano food products in the market.

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‘India Offers Enormous Commercial Potential for German Investors’

Hans-Joachim Boekstegers, Director and CEO of MULTIVAC,

Interview with Hans-Joachim Boekstegers, Director and CEO of MULTIVAC, about MULTIVAC’s Overseas Activities: MULTIVAC decided to enter into a joint venture with the Indian LARAON Group. he Group has been successfully established in the market since 1988, and is a very suitable partner for us.

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Beverage Industry: Infinite Horizons to Discover

Video jet Technologies is a world-leader in the product identification market, providing in-line printing, coding and marking products, application specific fluids and product life cycle services. Their goal is to partner with their customers in the consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical and industrial goods industries to improve their productivity, to protect

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Lactose Free Food Products

By Shashi B Mishra Lactose is a simple sugar present in milk, and a major component of whey. It is a disaccharide containing Glucose and Galactose units. Its IUPAC name is ?-D-galactopyranosyl-(1?4)-D-glucose. The name came from ‘lac’ a Latin word that means milk and ‘ose’ for ‘sugar’. Several million tons

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Targeting the Gluten Free Growth Market

Products promoted as gluten free accounted for 10 percent of total global food and drink launched in the year to April 2015, according to Innova Market Insights. Adrian Short, director of leading British-owned clean label ingredient specialist Ulrick & Short Ltd, explains how certain consumer buying trends have developed –

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New and Improved Ice Cream Filler Cuts Operational Costs

Ice-cream fillers designed specifically for small to medium producers looking to lower operating costs with minimal investment has been launched. The Tetra Pak® Ice Cream Filler A3 produces up to 18,000 ice cream cones per hour and features three enhanced components: •    A cone dispenser with high reliability and capable

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