HFSS – The Misapprehended!


As per a WHO document titled ‘Marketing of Foods High in Fat, Salt and Sugar to Children – Update 2012-2013’, foods that are high in fat, salt and sugar are commonly termed as HFSS Foods. However, it is imperative for all of us to be conscious of the negative effects of the compounds and chemicals present in processed foods and other products we consume from outside.

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Say it with Color – Deliver it with Fruit & Vegetables

Coloring food

Color is a key driving force when it comes to buying food and beverages. Appealing, appetizing hues not only support a delicious taste experience, indicate freshness and indulgence but have turned into an essential tool for product differentiation.

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“Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods” – Daily Essentials for Quality Life

functional foods

Nutraceuticals or functional foods are any food or food ingredients that may provide beneficial health effects beyond the traditional nutrients they contain. Nutraceuticals are also known as medical food, nutritional supplements, and dietary supplements.

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Delicious, Nutritious, and Creepy

Edible insects

Edible insects could offer a great solution for this much anticipated global food shortage expected to befall us all. Edible insects are capable of satisfying our food needs while ensuring high nutrition at the same time. They also possess ecological advantages over conventional meat and other food sources. In addition, insects can be a good source of protein for animals as they are not only able to fulfill the potential of extracting protein from waste material, but also facilitate significant reductions in waste volume.

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Dried Mushroom Innovations

Mushroom Dryers

The Mushroom Dryers is a production facility in the Netherlands (Belfeld) through which Worlée can offer dried champignon slices in European quality. This factory is unique in that it features its own self-developed belt dryer. The result: air-dried champignon slices from fresh, hand-harvested European champignons with a quality that is simply incomparable.

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We Aim to be Country’s Fastest Growing and Most Loved Food Company

Viraj Bahl

Indians are now travelling all over the globe and experiencing different cuisines. At Veeba, we like to keep ourselves abreast with these changing trends and give consumers something their palate would love. I like to read up a lot on the changing food trends; I also thoroughly enjoy going out and experimenting with different foods and ingredients.

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Equinox Ensures Latest Needs and Demands of the Market

Ashwin Satish Bhandari

Equinox Labs is among the top stakeholders who always encourage the implementation of any new FSSAI regulations, after considering its pros and cons. From Corporate to Food Businesses, my team and I have contributed in co-authoring and drafting quite some regulations in the past.

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Introduction of Unique Avocado Processing Line


In the first step the avocado is halved, including the stone, and in the second step the stones are removed from the halved fruit. In the last step the fruit is peeled. Stone and skin are disposed on a waste conveyor belt, while the readymade halved avocados are proceeded on the outfeed conveyor belt.

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Grain Polishing: The Next Step in Giving Rice the Required Sheen

Grain Polishing

Grains are scoured by the abrasive surface of the cone, and also by the friction caused as grains are rubbed against the surrounding walls and lining of the crib. The grains revolve around the cone in the gap until their own weight causes them to sink lower and lower.

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Changing trends: Gluten-free, Vegan and Keto

Gluten Free

Gluten is a mixture of proteins found in wheat, barley and rye which several people find hard to digest. Thanks to genetically modified (GM) crops, people are finding it harder and harder to tolerate gluten and are, thus, looking for alternatives.

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