Rajasthan to Welcome the Investors with Open Arms

World Food India 2017

Honourable Minister Shri Rajpal Singh Sheikhawat, Cabinet Minister for Industries & NRI’s, DMIC, Govt. Enterprises, Govt. Of Rajasthan, and Dr. Subodh Agarwal (IAS), Principle Secretary (MSME), MD-RSIC, Rajasthan, shared their prospects and understanding on this WFI 2017.

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Automation ((Improved Product Quality and Productivity)

automation in food industry

With government programmes like ‘Start up India’, India has not only opened doors for young entrepreneurs, but has also opened its doors for automation. Machine designing with safety has been taken care of greatly. This is the reason why foods like dosa have been automated by bringing in “dosamactic” machine.

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Flexible with their Methods!

Dhruv Kanodia

On an interview with the Holding Editor, Food marketing & Technology- India, Dhruv Kanodia Director – Flexible Packaging, Kanodia Technoplast Limited, shared the technical aspect of packaging.

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An Economical Approach for the Separation of Whey Proteins

Whey Proteins

In general, the membrane separation technique such as microfiltration and ultrafiltration are being used at industrial level for the production of proteins and lactose from whey.

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SIAL is Finally in India!

SIAL Conference

SIAL in association with Inter Ads launched a brand new show ‘Food India, Inspired by SIAL’ in a press conference at Le Meridian New Delhi. Food India is scheduled on 16 to 18 Sept 2018 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

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The Feel Factor (Pectin)


PECTINS have been utilized for their functionality in foods for many years. Ubiquitous in the conserves and preserves industries, development of pectin’s has centred on its use to impact texture in high sugar system. Pectins are a family of complex polysaccharides, homogalacturonan and rhamnogalacturonan.

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New: X-ray Inspection System for Nuts, Fruits and Vegetables

X-ray Inspection System

Minebea Intec continues to expand its foreign body detection product range with the introduction of the new X-ray inspection system Dymond Bulk. The supplier of industrial weighing and inspection technologies developed this innovative system specifically with bulk goods in mind.

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Fibers Against Diabetes

Fiber Enriched Muffin

Studies have demonstrated that grain fibers can effectively lower the blood sugar level and are therefore a proven method against cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

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Eggs – Pack of Quality and Nutritious Solution

Egg yolks contain more calories and fat.

It was recommended that people with high cholesterol levels avoid eggs. But it turns out the cholesterol content for which they
have been vilified is much lower than it was 10 years ago Though, people with high blood cholesterol should limit their egg consumption to no more than two a week

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Whole Grain Brown Rice, Buckwheat & Oatmeal

whole grain

Brown Rice, Oats and Buckwheat are unrefined; meaning the fiber content in the form of outer covering is not lost during processing. Thus, calories, carbohydrate, small amount of protein, some important vitamins and mineral content are also retained.

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