Pretzels & Co: Up to 50 % Reduced Salt and a Perfect Taste


New Slow Milling® Pretzel Salt Light SG from GoodMills Innovation enables salt reduction in pretzel décor without the consumer noticing any visible difference. At the same time, the pretzel salt is water stable and therefore ideal for frozen bake-off products as it does not cause unsightly burn marks when defrosted and baked.

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Smart Technology Provides Additional Value for Collagen Peptide

Collagen Peptide

GELITA’s SMART TECHNOLOGY enhances the company’s collagen peptides by adding a new set of properties. Building on the existing product range, these novel ingredients have been produced using an additional particle engineering processing step. As a result, the SMART TECHNOLOGY range offers customers significant extra value in the form of technological advantages that, for example, improve efficiency and process performance.

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Harnessing Ancient Herbal Health Benefits Can Greatly Enhance Our Quality of Life…

Aniruuddha Datta

Bambino Group is engaged in the development of functional foods with definitive health benefits through fortification of food with natural products containing quantified amounts of active substances, directed towards the goal of providing “tasteful health” to consumers.

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Stevia Market Is Expected To Reach $556.7 Million By 2024

Stevia Market

Based on a report by Grand View Research, Inc.; the global stevia market is projected to value USD 556.7 million by 2024.High demand for healthy food products among consumers owing to the rising health consciousness is anticipated to boost the market expansion in the coming years.

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Antimicrobial Food Packaging

Antimicrobial Food Packaging

Antimicrobial food packaging is a form of packaging that can kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms in the packaged product and, thus, serves to extend the shelf life of perishable food products as well as enhance food safety standards.

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Supply Chain for FMCG and Its Performance Management – QSR, Food & Dairy

Supply Chain

Supply Chain is the global network of suppliers and Logistics partners to facilitate the flow of input materials for processing into value added products, and distributing the finished products from the Manufacturing Unit to the Channels of Distribution and finally to the end users.

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Influence of total solids on textural and sensory characteristics of kheer


If rice is cooked in milk, starch and milk, the reaction results into a thick product, which is very popularly known as kheer in India. Kheer is also known as Payas or Payasam in many parts of India. It is an extremely popular rice based heat concentrated and sweetened dairy.

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Dust Control Critical

Dust Control

In the U.S., the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recognizes the dangers of dusting and has established strict guidelines for the control of fugitive materials and combustible dust. Other organizations around the world do the same.

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WATER- As a Food Processing Ingredient


Water is an important component of the food processing industry as it is not only present in all foods; it is also extensively used in most food plants as a processing aid as well as an agent for cleaning operations.

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Online Grocery Provides Additional Driver for Carton Packaging Revolution


One of the most dominant drivers of this need is e-grocery, with online food and beverage purchasing expected to reach $100 Billion by 2025 and an estimated 50% of consumers globally buying groceries online in 2018, according to Nielsen and FMI 2016 research.

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