Millennial and Time-pressed Consumers’ Evolving Preferences Underscore Colossal Demand for On-the-Go Food Packaging


Modern day consumers are time-pressed; their daily routine is packed with commuting and working, leaving no room for food preparation as well as consumption. The trend has been instigated by rapid urbanization and rise in purchasing power which, in turn

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Food safety Culture

Food safety

Food safety is acquiring a central role in the food industry irrespective of the nature and scale of business; be it in food processing, food service, or retail. The lapse in food safety can be to detrimental to the companies to the extent of causing complete loss of business besides threatening consumer health and safety, penal actions, recovery or punitive costs, loss of long standing business, and personal reputation.

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SPX FLOW Solutions: How Service Should Be Delivered


SPX FLOW continues to make significant investment to its services and facilities to help its customers get the most from their assets and shared the latest steps it is taking to enhance customers’ experiences at ANUGA FoodTec this year.

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The Velveting Culture


Velveting is a Chinese cooking technique commonly used in stir-frying. Meat or seafood are marinated in a mixture of egg white, cornstarch and rice wine, and then briefly blanched in oil or water before finishing off in the stir-fry process with other ingredients.

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New Digital Solutions for the Food Processing Industry to Meet Global Challenges

Food Processing

The Bühler-Microsoft collaboration comes at a time when the global food industry faces increasing environmental and economic pressure. By 2050, the planet’s population is predicted to grow to nine billion.

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New Performance Nutrition Ingredient Solutions

Nutrition Ingredient

Leading nutritional powerhouse, Glanbia Nutritionals, has announced the launch of two new pioneering and innovative performance nutrition ingredients for formulation in functional beverages in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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Does Scale Calibration hold any importance in the Food Industry?

Kevin Hill

Whether you are packaging food or measuring raw materials and ingredients, you have to use accurate measuring scales to carry out various weighing processes to make sure the products are of high quality and safe for consumption.

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‘Al” – The Next Step toward Sustainable Food Packaging

Pervasiveness of aluminum foil packaging apropos of demand across the globe is largely attributed to its recyclable nature. Being completely recyclable, the environmental impact of aluminum foil has drastically reduced since the past few years

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Gandhi Automations spearheading operational solutions

Gandhi Automations

Gandhi Automations High-Speed Doors are versatile and solid ensuring long-lasting reliability for fast-moving industries and goods like E-commerce. The modular structure of the curtains, assembled and joined by anodized aluminum extrusions, provides for a wide range of polyester sections available in a variety of colors.

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Food Packaging and Compliances

Food Packaging

Europe has the most advanced set of regulatory frameworks with regard to food packaging. In none of the territories is the legal obligation regarding fibre-based packaging unquestioned. Europe applies the “Plastic Implementation Measure PIM”, also for paper/board, because of the lack of an own directive.

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