Anti-Dusting Fiber Concentrates Reduce Loss and Improve Processing

anti dusting

There are many reasons why the formation of dust is a serious topic. Not only because of the high risk for health but also for industrial safety. It reduces the profit as well because of the high losses and the cleaning effort.

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Global Food Safety Testing Market Size will reach $19.92 billion by 2025 – Research Cosmos

research cosmos

As per the report published by Research Cosmos, the Global Food Safety Testing Market was valued at $10.66 billion in 2016 and was expected to reach $19.92 billion by 2025, witnessing a CAGR of 7.40 percent.

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Danish Seafood Processor Turns to Revolutionary New Sustainable Flat Packaging System

Danish Seafood

These days, more and more skin packs are conquering the retail shelves around the world. The advantages of the skin packaging system are obvious: securely sealed under deep vacuum, food products have a significantly longer shelf life and can be presented in a much more attractive way. By launching FlatSkin®, SEALPAC now offers a revolutionary solution that combines the sought-after skin packaging process with a plastic reduction of up to 75%. Danish seafood processor Vega Salmon A/S is one of the early adopters of the FlatSkin® packaging system for its hot-smoked salmon products.

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Reliable Drive Units for Bouillon and Soup Mixer Ensure Gentle Mixing Processes

Process technology

The Paderborn company Gebrüder Lödige Maschinenbau GmbH specializes in the production and development of application-specific process technology, and is a recognized expert for basic process engineering operations such as the mixing, drying and granulation of bulk materials.

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Dairy Industry: High-Value from Start to Finish

Dairy Industry

The thing with Dairy is that profit margins are low. To increase profitability, internal efficiency must be maximized. If you are dealing with powders such as infant formula, that means losing as less product as possible throughout the entire packaging process.

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Probiotic and Functional Food: A New Emerging trend in the field of Food Science

Functional Food

Functional foods are foods with health benefits that are in addition to those attributable to the nutritional value of the food. The term is usually applied to foods that have been modified or combined in order to enhance the health benefits but may include any food that naturally possesses components with demonstrable pharmacological activity.

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Food Loss and Waste, and Climate Change: An Interdependent Relationship

food loss

Food losses and waste are of particular concern as drivers of climate change and environmental degradation, and for increasing vulnerability to food insecurity. Food that is produced but ultimately never consumed represents a significant contributor to global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and diminishes the productive output of food systems, which in turn could potentially undermine both human and ecological capacities to cope with climate change.

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Addressing Current Food Trends with New Stabilizing Systems

Stabilizing Systems

At Gulfood Manufacturing in Dubai, Hydrosol is presenting new stabilizing and texturing systems that enable food companies to make high-selling trend products. The focus is on the company’s many ideas for plant-based alternatives to dairy, texturing systems for reduced-sugar foods, and economical solutions for chicken products.

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New Range of Label-Friendly Potato Starches for Meat, Meat Alternatives and Culinary Products

Potato Starches

Cargill is expanding its portfolio of labelfriendly functional native starches with the addition of three potato starches designed for meat, meat alternatives and culinary applications. Designed for mild processing conditions, these starches offer superior viscosity and improved sensory experience

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Sidel StarLite UltraLight CSD

UltraLight CSD

The Sidel StarLite™ family of bottle base solutions is expanding through the StarLite UltraLight for carbonated soft drinks (CSD). As the name suggests, this design allows for an even lighter bottle than the existing solutions in the beverage marketplace.

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