Flexible with their Methods!

Dhruv Kanodia

On an interview with the Holding Editor, Food marketing & Technology- India, Dhruv Kanodia Director – Flexible Packaging, Kanodia Technoplast Limited, shared the technical aspect of packaging.

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SIAL Middle East to Host Over 12,000 Meetings for World Food Experts


the 8th edition of SIAL Middle East will create real opportunities to meet the influencers in food and date palm industries, as well as to build new and promising partnerships ensuring the sustainability of food supplies and providing privileged investment opportunities that drive economic growth.

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FSSAI Modification and Compliance with New Norms

As per FSSAI, the articles manufactured or sold in India are required to be conformity with the provision of Food Safety Standards. During the last few years, certain new standards have been framed by the FSSAI.

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An Economical Approach for the Separation of Whey Proteins

Whey Proteins

In general, the membrane separation technique such as microfiltration and ultrafiltration are being used at industrial level for the production of proteins and lactose from whey.

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