Healthy Snack Ingredients for Food Hospitality Services

Healthy Snack

Having snacks between meals reduces the urge to overeat major meals, additionally snacking nutritious nibbles provides necessary vitamins, minerals to fulfil our body needs for nutrients. Hence it is essential to snack healthy food, to reduce the risk of dreadful lifestyle diseases and syndromes- Diabetes, Obesity, Atherosclerosis.

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Bolder Flavours in Food Services

Bolder Flavours

Flavours or flavourings are recognized by the senses of taste and smell, and characterized as- sweet, sour, bitter, salty, umami and detected by taste buds present on the surface of our tongue.

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Hospitality is Friendly! Managing Services in Food Hospitality

Food Hospitality

Hospitality is the food, drink, and other privileges which some companies provide for their visitors or clients at major porting or other public events. Many people have described the hospitality industry in different ways.

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Ethnic Restaurants: Where Every Food and Drink has a Story

Ethnic Restaurants

Ethnic food is like a “Cuisine marrying with Culture”. The list goes on to tout the continuing trend of chefs using more ethnic spices in their menus, due to an increasingly wide degree of access to a variety of international foods.

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Influence of RTE &RTC Foods on Upliftment of the Hospitality Sector

Upliftment of the Hospitality Sector

RTE & RTC food can be widely defined as “tertiary processed foods which have been prepared commercially for ease of consumption”. These also help chefs of the Hospitality sector to save time in the kitchen.

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UFLEX-Shaping the Fresh ProduceWorld with Flexfresh Packaging Solution

Mr. N. Siva Shankaran

FlexFresh is a path breaking product in extending self-life of perishable fresh produce, yet maintaining sensory characteristics. It is a win-win product for farmers, manufactures, and consumers alike.

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